Sanbo Acupressure Mat with Cushion - 68x42x2cm - 2x Trigger Point Ball

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Deeper sleep

8 out of 10 people experience a deeper sleep when they have been lying on the SANBO acupressure mat for 20 minutes.

Mental clarity

Increase your clarity by lowering stress, among other things.

Increases recovery

Due to the extra blood flow, muscles recover faster and waste products are removed even better by the body.

Reduces headaches

Acupressure is an effective method of relieving headaches and migraines.

Hoe werkt een acupressuur mat?

10-20 Seconden

Het lichaam ervaart
een prikkel en wilt
zich verzetten

20-60 Seconden

De bloedsomloop
wordt gestimuleerd

1-2 minuten

Blokkades op
energiebanen worden

2-4 Minuten

Het lichaam ontwikkelt
een warm gevoel

4-8 Minuten

Het lichaam accepteert
de prikkel & maakt
gelukshormonen aan

9 out of 10

Users experience positive effects

9 out of 10 users indicate that acupressure therapy relieves complaints, improves mood and reduces stress.


Pillow and Trigger Point balls

Get a ready-made package and experience the many benefits of acupressure therapy tomorrow!

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