The most powerful and quietest Massage Gun in its price range.

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The SANBO Massage Gun is the latest device in the field of tapping massage and vibration massage. The massage gun is recommended by physiotherapists throughout the Netherlands for targeted muscle treatments. The device treats various muscle groups in the body and ensures good stimulation of the blood circulation to the muscles.

The Massage Gun can be used perfectly for your cooling-down, warm-up or as a relaxing massage. In case of cooling down, the massage gun ensures a faster recovery through an improvement in blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, waste products are removed from that muscle faster and the right nutrients also enter the muscle group faster.

In case of warming up, the massage gun stimulates the muscles. This prevents injuries and improves the mobility of the muscle.

The device has 6 different speed settings, making the massage gun ideal for both sensitive and less sensitive areas on the body!


Plug & Play to use

RX-60 Motor with S-Blade Technology

120 minutes of runtime

SANBO MassageApp with explanation + timer

6 different modes


S-Blade Technology with the RX - 60 Motor

The RX - 60 Prime motor is compact, powerful and lightweight. Deep tissue and vibration massage has never been easier with this motor.

The App that helps you achieve your personal goals.

The SANBO Massage App guides you through the massage by explaining the massage, explaining the different attachments, a free E-Book and a Massage Timer. Free to download in the App Store!

Prime puts the power of a massage therapist in the hands of everyone. From the high quality ABS material to the RX - 60 Motor, the Prime is made with the aim of delivering the best value for money.

SANBO Massage Gun. Why we differ from our competition

  • Engine
  • Battery life
  • RPM+Amplitude

No engine can combine the same power and silence. With 3600 RPM and 45 dB noise level, the SANBO RX - 60 is unique in its category.

2500 mAh in a lithium-ion battery ensures a minimum of 2 hours of use. Enough to massage your body several times with the SANBO Massage Gun.

With its 3600 RPM and 9 millimeter amplitude, the SANBO Massage gun Prime is the perfect entry-level model to get acquainted with percussion therapy.

4 high-quality attachments

  • Roundball
  • dampener
  • U-Fork
  • bullet

Round Ball (Intensity level 5)

The Round Ball is the most famous attachment of the Massage Gun. This is the perfect attachment to become more familiar with percussion therapy

Dampener (Intensity level 3)

The Dampener attachment can be used perfectly for sensitive muscles. With its low Intensity level, this attachment ensures good blood flow without applying "Deep Tissue" massage.

U - Fork (Intensity level 6)

The U-Fork attachment is perfect for massaging your vertebrae, neck, calves and shoulders. Due to its design, this attachment ensures minimal stress on the bones.

Bullet (Intensity level 10)

The Bullet attachment is used to apply "Deep Tissue" massage. This attachment can penetrate very accurately to a painful muscle or spot without hitting the surrounding muscles.


Brand: SANBO
Includes Free App & E-Book
✔2600-3600 RPM (6 different speeds)
✔Packaging: Massage gun, charger, manual and 4 attachments
✔Color: Black
✔6 Speed ​​modes
✔Lightweight & Firm grip
✔Wireless to use
✔1 year warranty
✔Anti fall and heat protection
✔ Strong Lithium-ion battery
✔Material: ABS
✔ Weight: 100 Grams
✔30-45 DB Sound

Content Packing:
1 x Sanbo Massage Gun
1 x Sanbo Charger
4 x Sanbo attachment
1 x Sanbo APP
1 x User Manual

CAUTION: Do not use this device on the same body part for more than 15 minutes! In case of injury or other complaints/disorders, first consult your accompanying doctor.

How to use?

Using the SANBO Prime:

1. Make sure the Massage Gun Prime is charged.
2. To turn on the Prime, click the speed button on the back of the Massage Gun.
3. To switch between the different speed settings, click the speed button on the back of the Massage Gun.
4. To turn off the Massage Gun Prime, press and hold the speed button for 2 seconds.
5. The attachments of the Massage Gun Prime are easy to change by means of a pulling rotating / pushing rotating movement.

Battery Life

To give the battery of the SANBO Massage Gun Prime the longest possible life, it is important to charge the device regularly after use.

SANBO Massage App

The SANBO Massage App helps you on your way to maximum performance and recovery. We strive to make all the knowledge we have available to everyone. The SANBO Massage App originated from this vision.
The App can be downloaded for free in the iOS and Google Play Store and helps with explanations about attachments, the massage and duration, among other things. In addition, there is also an E-book available in which all information about percussion therapy is explained in a clear way.
Download the App here in the Play Store!

Warranty and defect

SANBO gives a standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty on all Massage Gun items. The terms of this guarantee can be read on the website under the heading "Returns".
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