Our mission

It is our mission to assist everyone on their way to better performance. Whether you exercise or not, almost everyone can improve his or her performance by using a Massage Gun. With the SANBO App you will also receive the right guidance on your way to better performance.

Introduction year

There were clear shortcomings in the after-care of almost every athlete. Going to a masseur several times a week is not an option for many. The SANBO Massage Gun V1 was launched.


Introducing PRO v1.

After a good year with many enthusiastic reactions to the first SANBO Massage Gun Prime variant, some points for improvement quickly emerged. The Prime's battery has been improved and a Massage Gun Pro has been launched.


Launch Sanbo Mobile App

About half of our customers asked how exactly they should use the SANBO Massage Gun and how they could best massage. In 2021 we can proudly say that we have launched the first Massage App of the BeNeLux. The perfect guidance with the necessary tips & tricks and a free E-Book to offer the knowledge of therapists to our customers.


Launch Partner Program

In 2022 in our goal to introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of percussion therapy. We want to do this together with enthusiastic customers.





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